About Nice Guy Coaching

The Nice Guy has several unconscious core beliefs that hold him back. He believes that “if I am a nice everyone will love me and like me."

He believes that if he avoids conflict and meets other peoples needs without having to ask, they will intern meet his needs without him having to ask.

The Nice Guy believes that if he does everything right, he will have a smooth and problem free life.

Unfortunately, when life doesn’t go his way, the Nice Guy just tries harder. Like the hamster spinning in his wheel, the Nice Guy continues to do the same thing over and over expecting different results.

Coaching can help you change that. By digging deep, understanding the behaviors that are holding you back and doing something else, we Nice Guys start to operate from a place of internal satisfaction. 

No longer do we need others to validate us and we give a place of abundance because wee makes our needs a priority.

When you work with me as a coach, we will develop a strategic plan to help you change your life and finally get what you’ve always wanted… Peace of mind, satisfaction in your relationships and respect in your career.

I work with only a FEW SELECT men. If you are interested in coaching fill out the application form and I will get back to you within one business day with further instruction. 

As a coach, I work with only a handful of people who are deeply committed to making significant changes in their lives. As a result, if we end up working together, you aren’t just a client to me.

We create a team; that team that consists of you as the “player" in your life and me as your “coach." I bring my “A” game and I expect you to bring yours. Anything short is just wasting both of our time. My goal is to help you achieve the very best in your life, your relationships, and career.

That’s why I don’t charge “per-session.” The coaching I do a contractual long-term relationship — at least three months or more.

If you are truly committed to changing your life, getting rid once and for all the nice guy patterns that show up in your life, then take the next step and fill out my application.

Not everyone who applies is automatically “in”. I put in a tremendous amount of time for each of my clients, both when we met and outside our coaching sessions.

If you’re ready to make the commitment to a truly extraordinary life, I invite you to click on the link below for the application. All answers are completely confidential and will only be seen by my eyes.

After you fill out the application, I will carefully read over it and I will respond back to you within one business day. I’ll probably have a couple other questions I will email you.  After that, we’ll do a short skype interview to make sure we’re both a fit for each other. Click here to go to the application page.

Coaching takes place over the phone or the internet with a skype-type of connection unless you live in my area then we meet at my office.