Nice Guy Self Assement

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1.I am likely to give to someone else before I give to myself.


2.I apologize and say “Iʼm sorry” when I think people might be upset with me.


3.I try to fix other people’s problems.


4.I struggle to live up to my potential in work and career.


5.I tend to feel resentful and take things personally.


6.I have hidden thoughts or behaviors that I donʼt want people to know about.


7.I hold back my feelings.


8.I struggle to find my passion and purpose in life.


9.I tend to seek and need approval.


10.I am less than completely honest.


11.I am uncomfortable when people express strong feelings.


12.Procrastination and/or finishing things I start is a problem for me.


13.I feel frustrated with my sex life.


14.I feel like I give more than I get.


15.I have a tendency to settle.


16.I try to follow the rules and do it right.


17.I avoid conflict.


18.I have difficulty approaching and talking to people I find attractive.


19.Some might say I’m too sensitive.


20.I tolerate things that feel bad to me.


21.I have difficulty asking for help.


22.I avoid situations and things that make me anxious.


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