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The Nice Guy Syndrome: How I started doing this work

Several years ago I was in a recovery group dealing with my demons. The group was taking a break for the summer, but I still wanted (and needed) on going support. I did a quick web search and came a cross a guy who was starting a new men’s group in my area.

I called him up, and he told me that the group would be focused on the work of a guy named Dr. Robert Glover who had written a book called No More Mr. Nice Guy. I had never heard of the Book or the author, but it sounded interesting. 

Ultimately, I didn’t end up joining that group, but I did pick up a copy of the book…. needless to say, it changed my life.

The Book:
As I read the book, my thought was “This guy has been following me around all my life and has written a book about me!” The issues and problems Dr. Glover talked about were spot-on describing me. I quickly went to work, devouring the book, working on the exercises and dealing with my nice guy tendencies in personal therapy.

As I grew, I started to learn that I’m not alone in this journey. There are millions of men from around the world who struggle with the nice guy syndrome.

Helping others:

Dr. Robert Glover

In my work as a therapist, I started to see this Nice Guy pattern emerge from the men I worked with every day.
That lead me to go deeper in my work and to go on a journey to become trained by Dr. Glover himself.

My qualifications:
Dr. Glover personally taught and trained me as a Certified Nice Guy Coach. I saw great success in the men I worked with and wanted to do more.

Beyond that, I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and a Masters of Arts in Psychology.

Going National:
The result of all of this taking the message of recovering from the Nice Guy syndrome to the next level by offering individualized coaching packages to help men achieve more satisfaction using the proven methods as outlined in the book No More Mr. Nice Guy.

My sole purpose and hopeful intentions are to contribute to the world of helping men shed their shame and step into the fullness to become integrated men.

My sincerest gratitude to Dr. Glover for making this information available and allowing me to share it with others.

Here’s to your journey,


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