“Chuck is one of those men whose personal path and career passions are one and the same. Chuck is committed to his own personal growth and evolution as a man, and he brings that same energy and focuses on his work with men. If you are looking for a mentor, teacher, or coach who walks his talk, Chuck may be just the person you’ve been seeking." 

– Dr. Robert Glover 
Author No More Mr. Nice Guy

No More Mr. Nice Guy

What’s Wrong With Being A Nice Guy?

Based on the book by Robert Glover, No More Mr. Nice Guy,

The Nice Guy wants everyone to like him, so he appears to be “Nice.” However, most of his “nice guy” behaviors end up leaving him feeling frustrated and alone. As a result, the Nice Guy is anything but nice. Here are a few of the Nice Guy behaviors:

Nice Guys Want Everyone To Like Them
He's the guy who desperately wants others to like him and validate him. He needs constant reassurance that he's ok.
Nice Guys Hide
He's the guy who try to hide any perceived flaws and mistakes. He thinks he needs to be perfect for people to like him, so he's terrified of being found out.
Nice Guys Play The Victim
He's the guy who sacrifices his personal power and acts helpless to avoid taking responsibility because unconsciously he fears success.
Nice Guys Avoid Conflict
He is the guy who frustrates his wife (and others) because he is so afraid of conflict that nothing ever gets resolved. He avoids conflict like the plague.
Nice Guys Are People Pleasers
He's the guy who tells you what he thinks you want to hear, then turns around and does what he wants instead. If he is ever "called out" he blames it on a misunderstanding.
Nice Guys Are Sexually Frustrated
He's the guy who carries a lot of shame around sex and co-creates relationships that are less than satisfying. He finds it difficult to talk about his sexual needs and desires.

Are  You A Nice Guy?

No More Mr. Nice Coaching is One-On-One Help

Based On the work of Dr. Robert Glover Author of the book No More Mr. Nice Guy, I offer coaching designed to transform you from your Nice Guy Syndrome to an Integrated Man.  However, I only work with a handful of guys so that I can give my full attention to helping them achieve maximum transformation from their Nice Guy Patterns.

If you are hellbent on changing your Nice Guy patterns

Ready to create a dynamic life 

Raddically upgrade your sexlife

Ready to break free of the insanity of the Nice Guy Syndrome

Becoming an integrated man is your number one priority

Contact me today for more information

It's Time To Stop Making Excuses and Go All In

Dr. Glover says “Don't go it alone!" Recovery from the Nice Guy Syndrome happens best when we work our issues out with other men. As a Certified No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach I will help you build a life where your relationships are rich, your quality of life is amazing and you look forward to living out each day leaning into your edge. If you are ready to take it to the next level I invite you to fill out my application for coaching. Once you fill it out and send it in I will be contacting you shortly.  

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