My Name is Chuck Chapman and I Am A Certified No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach

I Help Nice Guys Become Good Men.

Nice Guy Coaching isn’t for everyone. 

In fact, I only work with a handful of guys so that I can give my full attention to helping them achieve maximum transformation from their Nice Guy Patterns. I only work with guys who are absolutely committed to becoming integrated men. Apply if you meet the following criteria:

You're Hellbent on Changing
You are sick of doing for others all time and getting nothing in return. As a result, you are absolutely ready to invest in yourself once and for all.
You're Successful In Your Career But...
Your Relationships are crap. On the outside, you have it all but inside you're dying a slow death. It's time to stop pretending and time to get real.
Your Sex Life Sucks Bigtime
Sex is something you feel like you'll never have again unless you have an affair, and you don't really want to do that. What you really want is a dynamic, passionate marriage that with a partner you can grow old with.
You're Ready to Breakout of the Insanity
If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got. Working with a coach requires a commitment to change. You have to be ready to invest in yourself and put some “skin in the game."
You’re ready dig deep and get brutally honest
If you were to get real with yourself you're afraid what you might find. But you're done making excuses and ready to root out your Nice Guy Behaviors.
Becoming Integrated Is Your Number One Priority
Life is too short to live half-assed. It's time to lean into your edge, create a great life and take full responsibility for your needs wants and happiness.

What Others Are Saying About Chuck

Dr. Robert Glover 
Author No More Mr. Nice Guy

“Chuck is one of those men whose personal path and career passions are one and the same. Chuck is committed to his own personal growth and evolution as a man, and he brings that same energy and focuses on his work with men. If you are looking for a mentor, teacher, or coach who walks his talk, Chuck may be just the person you’ve been seeking." 

David M. 
Senior Law Partner

“When I met Chuck I was at my rock bottom. My wife had left me, and I had lost everything. Chuck's wisdom and compassion enabled me to find the power within myself to start over. I have truly built a life that I love. I have a tribe of men who support me and keep me solid. If you are looking for someone to walk with you as you recover from the Nice Guy Syndrome you owe it to yourself to work with Chuck." 

Aaron H. 
VP Marketing

“Chuck was instrumental in helping save my 20-year marriage. We had gone without sex for 18 months. Chuck showed me how to show up, take the lead and set the tone. The results were nothing short of amazing. My wife and I are like newlyweds again.  But more than that, I truly feel connected to my wife like never before." 

Brian A. 
Real Estate Developer

“I can't say enough about Chuck's coaching. He is brilliant when it comes to helping you uncover your blind spots and shifting your mindset.   I have gained so much insight from Chuck, helped me see how my anger was holding me back and gave me the tools make changes. Working with Chuck has helped me become a better father, husband, and leader in my career. What one man can do, another can do." 

Men's Personal Development, Lifestyle Design, And Relationships Mastery

The coaching I provide is customized to your specific needs. Together we cast a vision, based on your unique values and develop a plan which I help you implement through massive action.

Working with a coach requires a commitment to change. You have to be ready to invest in yourself and put some “skin in the game."

If you want to break free and make significant strides in overcoming your Nice Guy patterns, coaching can help you accelerate your recovery.

:: Gain insight into the behaviors that are holding you back.

:: Develop a roadmap to recovery.

:: Increase your emotional intelligence.

:: Reduce shame and increase self-esteem.

:: Create a life that is amazing!

I don’t charge “per-session” my coaching is contractual for a long-term relationship — at least three months or more. 

What you get From Me: 

:: I Bring My A game and expect you to do the same

:: Access to me 24/7 via email

:: Weekly 60 to 90 Minute coaching sessions

:: Accountability and Inspiration

:: Access to my Group 

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